Authentic, Cinematic Branded Video Content.


We understand the importance of creating video content that connect with viewers in intimate, and persuasive ways with a focus on beauty and meaning; this helps brands to develop deep relationships with its target audience through the screen.

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JustPixl was born from art.

A childhood spent exploring the Ottawa Valley and witnessing the landscapes around him coming to life through his father’s paintbrush. Naturally, founder Jonathan Kischel found his life's motivation in creating cinematic art.
Cell phone animation

There’s just so much out there to distract an audience, pulling them in all directions. But that doesn’t mean there isn’t potential to give them something valuable. JustPixl’s video production gives your marketing an edge and a chance to shine through. Pull in your audience and fascinate them. Entertain them. Tell them a story. Then, tempt them to make the clicks that you strive for.

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