Using branded video content as a part of your marketing strategy has become a mainstay tactic for thousands of brands all around the world. It is possible to accomplish many different goals using video with it being such a versatile medium, whether you are using short adverts, long-form branded stories, quick and hard-hitting video clips, or a combination of different forms.

We at JustPixl believe that all brands from small boutique clothing companies to multinational corporations should be using video as a primary form of communication — here are a few reasons why.

Triggers Your Emotions

Video replicates the human experience better than any other medium out there. Having viewers able to actually see, hear, and feel the message being shown to them means that you are able to use major human senses to evoke emotion. Use this to your advantage — how are you going to use your video to create an emotional response in your audience?

It all depends on what type of video is being employed (documentaries, social media clips, short commercials), and what kind of action you want your audience to take. For example, if you’re creating social media videos to spread brand awareness, ensure you grab your viewers’ attention and make them excited immediately, or they’ll just keep on scrolling and not remember a thing.

Tells a Story

Powerful video content tells a story in a creative way. There’s a reason why documentaries, for example, are so incredibly popular. This is because people enjoy digging into personal stories about other people, places, groups, organizations, events, and just about anything else you can think of. Absorbing the history, drama, and emotion entangled in the story being told is something just about everyone enjoys.

There is a story to be told within every brand — how did you get where you are today? Did any remarkable personal struggles take place in its past? How did you come to decide your brand’s mission? These are all compelling questions which are waiting to be answered and told through video. Typically, more extended video formats work better for storytelling, but it is definitely possible (and a fun challenge) to use short videos to accomplish the same goal.

The Need to Share

In the overwhelming majority of cases, a viral video achieved the success it did because it compelled its viewers to share it with others. The same logic can be applied to just about any other form of entertainment, art, or advertisement. The way that Puppy Monkey Baby, Gangnam Style, and even the Cinnamon Challenge became such phenomena were all due to this reason. People saw these and immediately felt the need to tell everyone they knew about it, whether it was their classmates, colleagues, or friends.

The same principle should be considered when creating your brand’s video content. Think about the audience you are targeting and ask yourself the question “What about this piece will make my target audience rush to show it to like-minded people?” If you can find the answer to this question and execute, you’ll be raking in the engagement in no time.

Staying Power

Fun and engaging videos are a dime a dozen in today’s media landscape, so how do you break through the clutter and become remembered and recognized? The key is to create content that has staying power — content that your audience will go back to and watch every now and then for years to come. We all have those videos that we ourselves remember from two years, five years, and even ten years back, videos that resonated so well with us that we just can’t forget them.

The trick in achieving this is breaking through your audience’s “mediocrity” filter and giving them an “ah-hah” moment. Doing this by using an aspect of your brand and relating it to a characteristic deep within your audience will ensure that your message sticks with them long into the future. Without resonating deeply with your audience, your video will be lost to the archives of time mere days after being circulated.

Visually Striking

Perhaps the single most essential aspect included on this list, it goes without saying that any video content you produce must be visually striking. You can accomplish every other task on this list and make a piece that could potentially be shared the world over, but if it isn’t enjoyable to watch, then it likely isn’t going to gain the traction it could otherwise.

There are many different aspects of beautiful videos and many different kinds of videos formats to boot. For example, long documentaries could contain visuals of old photographs, interview with many different subjects and even recreated scenes from past events. All of those need to have a look that is consistent throughout the piece that allows the views to immerse themselves in the content. While there is no specific rule in creating visually striking content, employing a professional video production company is generally a safe bet.

We’re JustPixl, and we’re that production company. We create everything from documentaries to corporate videos and social media clips all while carefully adhering to your brand guidelines and intentions. We have experience working with brands and organizations of all types and sizes, so we don’t offer cookie-cutter solutions.

You can be assured that we have the know-how necessary to propel your brand forward through powerful, compelling video content. Contact us today to get started.

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