Okay, so anyone can just pick up their phone and shoot away to their heart’s content, but professional filmmaking does so much more for your content in the grand scheme of things. While the former is ideal for personal social media posts and whatnot, the latter is where the best results can be found.

The best part is, you don’t need to spend years in school and save up for thousands of dollars’ worth of high-end equipment. Production houses offer respectable rates to help you realize your vision with efficiency, quality, and style. Here are the main reasons to invest in the services of an experienced video production house.

Your Content Will be Taken More Seriously

We can’t emphasize this enough: A jittery, un-stabilized iPhone video will get a fraction of the engagement that’s possible with professionally-produced content. This is because your audience expects a certain standard when it comes to any media being marketed to them: It’s a far more demanding and complex process than simply posting your latest adventures on your private social media profile where nobody has established expectations. What’s more, with an experienced video production house, you don’t need to have a massive budget to get top-notch results.

The Right Equipment for the Job

Know anything about film resolution? What about the narrative? File compression? Ambient lighting? Even if you do, it’s unlikely that you have all the tools needed to deliver the same level of quality made possible by a production house. Plus, such outfits typically have a host of extra toys at their disposal to elevate your content even further. From high-flying drone camera systems to body-mounted stabilization systems, the right equipment combined with the right skills can capture any moment and make it a cinematic spectacle.

Practical Experience


There’s something to be said about filmmaking skills honed over years of real-world, practical experience. It’s what many clients come to us for at JustPixl. You need to have a highly trained eye for the right details to shine through in your videos, which gives weigh to cinematic content that really pops in all the right ways. A video production house like ours consists of experts familiar across a range of shooting methods, environments, and demands of various clients. Whether shooting a documentary, commercial, social media video, corporate video or otherwise, you’re literally covered at every angle.

Incredible Production at an Incredible Value

Any movie director will tell you that video production is a costly endeavour if done solo: Cameras alone can cost thousands of dollars before taxes. That’s not even factoring in stabilization equipment, rigging, extra lenses, microphones, lighting, audio production, actors, and goodness-knows what else. Instead of going into debt and being stuck with all this equipment permanently, it makes more sense to work with a team who has everything they need, effectively “renting” the right tools for the job. However, you get more than that for your investment in a production house. Not only does the film crew handle every aspect of the filming and editing process, but they’ll coordinate with you to ensure the final result meets or exceeds your expectations. To summarize, you get the equipment, the professionals familiar with using it, and a team taking care of all the production work while you manage things from the sidelines. It cuts out the middle-man and allows you to focus entirely on getting the shots that you want. Afterwards, the team will put your film together, implement audio such as music and narrative dialogue, and perform any finishing touches.

Now that’s a lot of bang for your buck.

Creative Minds Working Together

Video production houses are run by individuals passionate about film not merely as a means of advertising, but also as an art form; to them, it’s not just a way to make a living. Working with one that has plenty of experience across a range of unique projects is sure to deliver more creative results. That’s because such passionate teams tend to tackle challenges more readily – they dare to be different and relish in the opportunity to try something new. With your vision serving as their muse, the possibilities are essentially limitless. They say two heads are better than one, and when working with a production house like ours, sparks of inspiration are a given.

Marketing Expertise

Video production houses are well-versed in the world of digital marketing. They have plenty of tricks up their sleeves when it comes to giving your video content the most online exposure possible. With established processes as well as a desire to try new things, such teams can really go above and beyond in boosting engagement, targeting the ideal audience, and generating buzz over your content. Your video may even get additional exposure due to it being created by a well-known production house, so it’s a win-win for everyone. JustPixl is one of those production companies, born from a love of art. We’re renowned for high-quality cinematic content designed to deliver the “wow” factor. Reach out to us today to tell your story as clearly, beautifully, and cost-effectively as possible. No sacrifices are made when it comes to achieving your vision.

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