Anyone can pick up a camera and start filming, but it requires a combination of experience, skill, creativity, and quality control to deliver the best results. Businesses outsourcing for the creation of a corporate video need to trust that the professionals they hire will do things properly. However, not every client is aware of the essential elements required to produce video content that delivers the impact that they want. Today, let’s explore some of these elements.

Scripting and Planning

A high-quality script utilizes your mission or vision statement as a focal point, accented with clear and concise details about various areas the company excels in. It’s not too long, offering just the right balance of visual and factual data when integrated with a corporate video. The trick to making yours stand out is to keep the tone of the script light yet refined, providing only a digestible number of facts and details. Otherwise, you risk suffocating the core message you want your audience to remember. When planning your shots, it’s best to base them on your script. Otherwise, everything could feel disjointed and off-key.


You can add as many flashy effects and punchy infographics as you want, but it won’t necessarily make your corporate video any more engaging. In fact, it could overwhelm viewers and make the content look too desperate. Instead, consider the less-is-more method. Stick to the bare minimum to communicate your message loud and clear — you may find that it will go a long way in elevating your content quality. Minimalism itself can be stylish (and it’s all the rage lately), so consider applying such clarity to your video production as a “two birds, one stone” approach.

Brand Representation

The way your company is portrayed in video content plays a substantial role in how audiences will engage with it. This has never been truer than today when the world is always watching, making brand reputations sink or swim on social media. Therefore, it’s essential to produce video content that casts the business in a favourable light. The best approach is to keep the direction professional, but don’t forget to make your story refreshing, short, and attention-grabbing without going overboard. It’s a fine line to straddle but entirely possible when you work with the experts.

High-Resolution Video and Audio

Nobody is going to take you seriously if your video content is delivered in 480p resolution with poor audio quality. A corporate video offers the chance to put the very best of your business on display, so it makes perfect sense to raise that production value and deliver something exceptional. You don’t have to film in 4K (though we highly recommend it for the ultimate“wow” factor), but you should at least aim for 1080p if not higher and use top-quality recording and production equipment. This includes using high-quality audio samples and stock footage — don’t just settle for what’s readily available. This is where outsourcing can come in handy — production houses such as JustPixl have the equipment and expertise needed to make a gorgeous corporate video that you’ll be genuinely proud of.

Avoiding Monotony


Narrative delivery, both in terms of visuals and spoken lines, needs to have some presence and life to it in order to motivate viewers to pay attention. Nobody wants to sit through a corporate video that is droning and thoroughly monotone. Injecting a healthy dose of dynamism with more colour and vibrancy is an ideal way to avoid this, and it can be applied to everything from the script to the audio and any effects added. Many times, a decent video can be made into something more user-friendly and engaging by steering clear of the conventional.


Whether you’re trying to attract new hires or clients, corporate videos need to sell the attitude that your company attempts to evoke elsewhere. We suggest including real employees and customers in the production process, such as by including brief genuine testimonials that put your business in a favourable light. Additionally, giving viewers a peek into elements such as your product manufacturing and research shows a more organic and approachable side. At the same time, try not to overpromote yourself in the messaging or script — otherwise, the video could feel self-obsessed. This is where sticking to the facts and avoiding a self-promoting direction can help. In the end, avoid advertising yourself as a faceless corporation and embrace the human angle. Telling your company’s story can be an exciting and nerve-wracking project, depending on how you look at it. With these tips in mind, however, you’re on the path towards creating superior-quality content that will have a broader reach and stronger engagement. Reaching out to an experienced production house is the next step, and that’s where JustPixl has you covered. Reach out to us today, and we’ll be happy to help your corporate video project make the right impression to the right crowd.

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