Have you been thinking about how to use branded content to expand the reach and influence of your business? If you want to attract more consumers, you need to have a brand that people can relate to and remember. Consider this – Coca-Cola wouldn’t be the number one soft drink brand if it wasn’t for branded content. And, a rival like Pepsi probably wouldn’t still be number two if they didn’t find a way to capitalize on what Coca-Cola wasn’t saying to their audience. To show you why branded content is the key to your success, check out these famous examples of how it can help propel your business forward.

Pepsi vs. Coca-Cola

It’s safe to say that most people around the world know that Coca-Cola dominates the cola market. They actually account for about a whopping 51% of the market share, with Pepsi still having about 21% of the market. But who else is next in line? Can you name two other companies that might be contenders? Probably not. So why are these two brands ingrained into the top echelon? Great branded content is the number one reason. The fact that these two giants have been stark rivals since the early 1900s has resulted in some pretty fun and exciting competition (that has actually worked in their favour).

Even though Coke has managed to keep the lead, Pepsi has used some very impressive characters over the years like Michael Jackson and Britney Spears to capture and connect with their audience. Pepsi was actually one of the first companies to use celebrities in this way to promote their branded slogans, “The Joy of Pepsi” and “The Pepsi Generation,” and it worked (note: we are referring to “The Pepsi Generation” here).

Even though it hasn’t won over Coke lovers, Pepsi is still a massive brand because you can find it advertised just about everywhere – theatres, sponsorship ads, TV commercials, and more, all across the globe. The key to maintaining their dominant market share in a highly competitive industry is reinforcing the brand through – you guessed it – more branded content.

So take it from the experts. If you want to climb to the top of your industry as these two giants have, good branding is essential for showing who you are and what your message is.  


There are few beauty products out there that are as well-known as Dove. And, it’s all thanks to their genius change in branding that made Dove one of the most notable success stories in advertising today. Instead of using ultra-thin models and unrealistic images of what women are “expected” to look like, Dove was able to engage viewers by using “real” women instead. Dove used emotionally driven ads that deeply connected to women and the concept of self-love. This branded content strategy has helped drive their success and move them past being just a standard moisturizing soap.

Meow Mix

Once an underwhelming brand, Meow Mix found success with a straightforward video ad that changed everything – the singing “Meox Mix” cat song. We apologize if you now have this song stuck in your head, but if so, that proves just how effective good branded content can be. Even if you’ve never bought a pack of Meow Mix for your cat, you know who they are because of their smart, memorable use of branded content.
If you want your business to stand out amongst the rest, you need to develop creative video content that promotes your brand in a smart way. At JustPixl, we can help accelerate your business marketing with our creative, cinematic, and triggering branded video content. Contact us today to learn how you can get started.

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