Regardless of whether you’re directing a music video or a feature-length documentary, storytelling remains a critical pillar of filmmaking. The best results don’t just come from storyboarding and test screenings, either — uniqueness is a primary driver of engaging, fresh video content that can pull viewers in and deliver the desired impact.

The JustPixl team strives to take storytelling to the next level with a focus on both quality and connectivity. Let’s go over how we intertwine storytelling and video media to create visionary content that pulls audiences in and doesn’t let go.

Core Messaging

Every piece of video content, from commercials to sports films, is built on the foundation of your core messaging. You have a story to tell, and it can’t afford to be lost in a sea of glamour shots or special effects. You need to make sure it doesn’t get lost in the translation from page to screen. This is critical, regardless of how big or small that screen may be. As modern society is fixated on mobile browsing and on-the-go, easily digestible content, the challenge with storytelling and film today is to preserve your core messaging without diluting your vision. Keeping things simple by building around your core message with appropriate video and writing is the easiest way to create a truly compelling film. “Fluff” will only make it harder to connect with viewers in the long run.


Next, let’s consider the way you present your messaging. Much like writing a book, a video will be taken seriously only if the tone aligns with the messaging. For example, social media clips for an art installation will be taken more seriously if the tone melds with the display’s subject matter and medium.

Are you going for a serious atmosphere with a clean, minimalist edge? Be sure to tweak everything about your film’s production to reflect this, including the writing, setting, and the way subjects being filmed present themselves. Or, if you want to create something with a honed-in focus on your subject or message (such as an ad for a charitable cause), aim for a subdued surrounding tone when it comes to music, backgrounds, and effects.


What if you’re working on a video to raise awareness of your brand, but you feel the audience won’t take it seriously? Or, perhaps your documentary isn’t landing significant points as effectively as you’d have hoped? Analyze the delivery via your subjects, setting, and overall atmosphere — there may be elements that aren’t melding together as nicely as anticipated. For example, if you find the actors aren’t presenting their lines in a manner that aligns with your core message (such as with bubbly tones, awkward body language, or in loud clothing), it could make the entire video feel off-putting.

No Detail Overlooked

It goes without saying that the best-received videos focus on even the most insignificant details. Whether you’re going for realism or surrealism, making your content as textured and detail-rich as possible will make for better storytelling. Leave no stone unturned, and you will find that it’s easier to present your topic and messaging. From the timing and tempo of the music to the audio quality of vocal narrative overlays and film resolution, everything counts.

Connecting with the Audience

Suffice to say, how the target audience connects with your video is what will directly influence its level of impact. For example, a commercial filmed for a public event won’t resonate well with viewers if important information such as the date, location, and standout features aren’t prioritized. Additionally, your film subjects should be able to convey specific emotions and messaging to the audience without fading into the background.


Speaking of emotions, it is essential that your video touches on the right ones. If you want to pull at heartstrings, inspire creativity, or make the audience think, make sure your content is geared towards doing so. Otherwise, there will be a disconnect between the viewer and the material, and some individuals may even develop inaccurate perceptions and react negatively to how it is presented. Take a step back and examine the big picture — what are you trying to convey, how will your audience perceive it, and is the current content style suitable?


Plenty of major tech companies out there are masters at engaging viewers. They carefully research and analyze how we react to their products as well as to those of competitors and adjust their marketing and advertising to suit. This is why so many smartphones and tablets are presented in videos that are addictive to watch. Apply this example to your own video production — focus on what the audience wants, what they expect of you, and how you can exceed those expectations. This can actually protect a company or individual from appearing to “play it safe.”

Storytelling isn’t just a critical aspect of filmmaking. In fact, it comprises several elements that hold a video together. At JustPixl, we can assure you of compelling storytelling that doesn’t just check all the boxes; our meticulous focus on detail and atmosphere can deliver your core messaging with precision-level care and exceptional polish.

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