Authentic, Beautiful and Cinematic.

No matter the situation.

JustPixl was born from a love of art.

A childhood spent exploring the Ottawa Valley and witnessing the landscapes around him coming to life through his father’s paintbrush. Naturally, founder Jonathan Kischel found his life’s motivation in creating cinematic art.

JustPixl Is Built On Three Main Pillars (ABC’s)


Authenticity with clients, and what’s portrayed in the work are integral to JustPixl. Using their technical expertise to make cinematic art “feel real” is vital to the uniqueness in their films.


JustPixl’s beautiful productions combining lighting, atmosphere, colour grading and authentic polish are what makes a JustPixl product stand out among other video production houses.


While most of the competitors are making videos, JustPixl focuses on making films. The internet is flooded with video content and creating cinematic brand films distinguishes their clients from the competition.

We understand the importance of creating video content that connects with its viewers in intimate, and persuasive ways with a focus on beauty and meaning; this helps brands to develop deeper relationships with its target audience through the screen.

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Simply put: JustPixl exists to illustrate personal stories and brand stories in beautiful and experiential ways. Its raison d’etre is derived from an incessant desire to create videos that are beautiful, engaging art.

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